Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pre-Pesach Pizza Party!

It's a bit noisy but fun in the office today. Around noon, all of the staff from all the buildings gathered in the auditorium in our building for the annual Passover gathering. Assaf said someone talks for about half an hour, usually reminding us that we are "good soldiers" and that we don't work for Yad Vashem but we serve Yad Vashem. I wasn't too interested until I heard that there would be pizza served afterwards. My, how we suffer for our art. I am so there!

Someone had cleared all the chairs from the auditorium except for a few around the walls. I sat with my office crew and watched people enter, mingle, and enter/mingle/stand-around-talking-by-the-main-door-so-it-was-
difficult-for-others-to-enter. It was kind of like a wedding in Israel: there was a kabbalat panim (no appetizers though), the whole show is running a half hour late, the important thing happened when everyone quieted down, and then there was food afterwards. The smell of pizza was all over the building and in the elevator, and I was hoping it wouldn't be cold when the speech was done.

Luckily, the speaker only talked for about 12 minutes, and with a "B'teavon!" and a gesture towards the buffet tables, the feeding frenzy began. It really wasn't so crazy; I got in quick and had some pizza with tuna on top, which isn't so bad as it sounds. There was all kinds of soda and even a few bottles of wine. I also had slices with onion and olives. The wine didn't go so fast, but I never saw forty boxes of pizza pies disappear so quickly. The pizza was good stuff, delivered from a local place, not made in our cafeteria.

I can't wait for the country-wide Chametz Fest in Israel post-Pesach, in which everyone buys all the good yeast products we couldn't eat all week. Looks like beer is back on the menu, boys!


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