Monday, April 03, 2006

Take No Prisoners!

Last Saturday, some friends gathered at my place for a game of Risk, the classic boardgame of world conquest. Participating were myself, Phil, Matt, and Ilan. Guests brought snacks and I supplied beer and alcohol. We invented a new drink with tequila, Sprite, and a dash of grape soda. Sharon hosted the "Risk Widows' Club" at her flat. We all honored the Sabbath, and we played outside on my balcony in the sun. The wind caused a few "random troop movements" and card dispersals ("Oh shit!") until we blocked it every time the breeze threatened to get uppity.

Matt was up to his usual diplomacy, but my South America and his North America maintained a truce for most of the game. In fact, we did something unprecedented in the history of Risk: as a show of good faith, we both pulled our troops back, away from central America, leaving one army each at the border. Much can be learned and applied to the real world from the politics of Risk.

I beat all of Ilan's armies to take him out of the game, pillaging all the way through his home (in reality and on the board) in Australia, stifling his cries of "Beer!" I used Ilan's cards to get more armies and take out Phil. I couldn't use Phil's cards to get more troops, however, and by this point I was spread thin across the board, and after a few turns Matt had eaten up the countries and taken over the world.

Matt claims this is the first time he won, but that point is being debated. After he left, Phil, Ilan, and I turned Phil's board over to play Castle Risk. It was the first time any of us had played it and it was pretty cool-- a nice alternative to the standard Risk game. Phil won, and my castle was taken first. We may make this game get-together a monthly event if possible.


At 2:46 PM, Blogger Phil said...

In a surprising turn around the decision of "Phil winning" was overturned by Europeon courts.

In the end - though he controled most of the board, it was Ilons General and Admiral that brought him to victory in Paris.

More next month...

At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Charlie and I live in Gibralter. Your blog piece on that risk game was very inspirational. Who is this "Matt" that you speak of? He must be a very powerful risk player. I wish I could be as good as him. To take over all of those evil, treacherous opponents so easily...that's just amazing. Please do not dispute his winning anymore. Just accept him as G-d.

Charlie from Gibralter.

At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Jason Zauder said...

you played back to back games of Risk? you dear sirs, are truly Hardcore. I stand in awe.


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