Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pictures! We Have Pictures!

Lots of news has been trickling in to our department lately. First, from the New York Times, White Lace and Rocket Fire: Israeli Couples won’t Let the War Ruin Their Wedding Day:

Fifteen couples from northern Israel whose weddings had been canceled because of the war took leave of rocket fire and bomb shelters to marry in a group ceremony just after sunset on Tuesday on the campus of Tel Aviv University.
The mass wedding was the idea of a wedding planner in Tel Aviv, Amit Bar-Tzion, 33. His company and the Tel Aviv University Student Union organized the heavily subsidized event, providing flowers, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, a steak and salmon dinner, a band, a dance floor and even fireworks.
“This is the Israeli personality — we do,’’ Mr. Bar-Tzion said. “And we try to be happy even when it is difficult. It’s in our DNA.”

Next, you should read how our good friend is volunteering for the war effort on the home front (she wrote the great essay too!).

Next, Ynet reports: New York Times 'used fraudulent photo'
Man seen 'dead' in Beirut photo essay appears in other photos from same scene up and walking around, blog blasts 'unbelievable fraud'. NY Times issues 'correction,' says man was injured.
In other questions on media images, US commentator Michelle Malkin notes that the US News magazine's front cover picture of a Hizbullah gunman standing in front of a blaze, part of a piece entitled "Lebanon's new ruins," is actually a photograph taken near a garbage dump.
Blogs in the US are continuing to ask questions about images from the Lebanese village of Qana. The Riehl World site has alleged that Hizbullah "added to the body count of dead children there."
"How do you introduce new bodies into the scene of a bomb strike? The answer may be as simple as you bring them from around the corner," the blog said, posting a number of photographs and videos to back up its assertion.
"All of these forms of fraud have the same intent: to serve as propaganda for Hizbullah, and to make the Israeli attacks look as brutal as possible," concluded the Zombie Time blog .
Meanwhile, reports have surfaced of Hizbullah members issuing death threats to journalists who attempt to film them firing rockets at Israel.

Finally, in response to the Reuters "news service" being at the center of a photo controversy dubbed “Reutersgate,” our friend writes in:
From: Daniel
To: Nobody
Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006 8:45:21 AM
Subject: My Reuters Submission
I have sent the attached photo to Reuters in the hope they will publish it as genuine....


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous s said...

the stay puff marshmellow man is in Lebanon! He scares me more than anything, well apart from flying robots.
Good on Nadia and all the other people giving of themsleves helping others out.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger tafka PP said...

Oh, that's fantastic! I've seen both Godzilla (Jewlicious) and the USS Enterprise (Jameel) destroying Lebanon, but this is in a class of his own!

BTW if you have any last-minute thoughts about re-locating to a bomb shelter, they've just re-painted ours.


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