Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Been a long time...

...since I rocked and wrote. Sure there are the usual excuses, and my main one is I'm so overwhelmed with new experiences that it gets harder every day to blog, as the details keep slipping away in a vicious circle of non-writing. Knowhutimsayin? Here are some things I would love to tell you more about (or show you pictures soon):

  • I got married! So did the lovely Miss S! I'll make a rhyme and say, "To each other no less!" And she's now Mrs. W-Z, but that was harder to rhyme. For me.
  • We went to Prague for four days and it was awesome. Beautiful, friendly, historic, fun.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hawaiian Shirt joined me and the missus for a Shabbat a few weeks ago in Netanya. We were glad they were there to play Rummikub while waiting for the car repair guy. After a frantic search for a new electric starter thingy, the garage boys got it done and we ate at the great Farmer's Daughter restaurant. P.S. I think Mr. Hawaiian Shirt's blog needs a counter to note all the traffic we send there to read the in-depth articles.
  • On Monday Sept. 18, Asaf drove myself and Sharon to the Barby club in Tel Aviv to see the Genders. Starring Tani as "the new bassist" before their U.S.A. tour. The show was professional, fun, skanky, and ROCKING.
  • On Tuesday, Sept. 19th, we went to a barbecue at Martine's house to inaugurate her new 'cue (grill), and then we went to the Blue Hole Pub to (temporarily) say "good luck" to Katka as she leaves for Poland for a while.
  • On Thursday, Sept. 21, I met Alex and Liat at Mike's Place in Jerusalem for the Toga Party! Woo-hoo! Scroll down the page and click on my picture for more debauchery!
  • On Tuesday, Sept. 25, Sharon and I went to Netanya to buy some stuff from IKEA. There was traffic on the way there, and a massive traffic buildup due to accident/injury/possible death just outside Jerusalem. Nothing moved from about midnight to 1AM. Three lanes of traffic, including buses, had to move aside to let police through. People were pretty good about it, and eventually it was like a big curious street party with cars in the way.
  • I've spent much time since then building said furniture, like bookshelves and bedside tables. Martine came over to help with an endtable, and Keren got us started with a Kullen. I helped Keren post photos of her beautiful paintings on a web site.
  • Tamara finally came over and enjoyed our hospitality!
  • Alex and Shani got married in Cyprus, and had a great reception in Herzliya Pituach. A classy affair with guests like Jason and Andrea, Liat, Pinchas and Orly and kids, Mark and Leah, and Bradley Fish on guitar! I shared a fun taxi ride home with Bradley, Mike H., and Moshe.
  • That was the first night that Sharon was in England for a week, visiting our new nephew Jonah! Mazal Tov to the family! There were lots of other families and babies to see as well. Phil and Sarah visited me on Shabbat and looked at the wedding photo albums.
  • Had great holidays here in Israel. Rosh HaShana... Cousin Sam slept over for Yom Kippur, Sharon and I went to Yossi's for (Sephardic) first night of Succot, and our good friend was honored to go up to the Torah for the 1st reading (Bereshit/Genesis) on Simchat Torah! On that Shabbat I also met up with Hilary to check up a Reconstructionist service, which was all good.
Gotta go... I'm sure there's more to remember and post! Plus, Things to do: Take over the world (RISK game of global domination coming soon), and investigate Blogger in Beta, which should offer tags to browse my posts by topic. See ya!


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