Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Food Magazine

Here's a tasty link (thanks tafka pp!) that I should have posted last time:
Check out the Genders on tour in the U.S.A.!

The past few days have been a gourmand's dream. On Friday, Sharon made Shabbat dinner and we cleaned the house to host her parents. A lovely visit all around! We had homemade challah, chicken soup that we picked up from the ever-friendly "Take Me Home" shop near Emek Refaim, a starter of asparagus wrapped in salmon (I had garlic mayonnaise on the side), a main course of chicken breast stuffed with rice and wrapped in prosciutto (it smelled traif!), salad and vinaigrette, mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes, and homemade cake for dessert! We used our beautiful new plates, bowls, and silver from the wedding. Sharon also bought pecans and sugar-coated them in a pan. Great snacks and leftovers for Shabbat!

Last night (Sunday) Sharon and I went to Marcus's apartment for dinner. No bother that everyone was running a bit late, it was all timed wonderfully. We got a tour of his great place, filled with fantastic photographs he took himself. Many are posted on his Flickr site: calendar magnets, sunsets, friends, and art that adds up to more than a hobby. He has a yard with a garden, a little office space, a new leather couch, and lots of amenities with comfortable ambience. On our candle-lit table we were served: hot rolls and butter, pumpkin (and squash?) soup with optional cream, fresh salad with creamy vinaigrette dressing, a deep porcelain dish right out of the oven was split into "green" tortellini with herbs and "red" tortellini with tomato sauce all covered with melted cheese, some side dishes of small squash stuffed with olive paste and mushroom heads topped with cheese, followed by tea and warm chocolate cake and three ice cream flavors! I can't believe I ate the whole thing. It was all delicious and impressive! I wish we had some pictures-- I'm really not doing justice to the whole meal and all the flavors.

Then there was the Wild West Mystery Party, with both kinds of food: country and western. We have photos for that so hold yer horses, pardner, we'll lasso them dogies and corral them pictures on that newfangled internet thang! I hope you all have a good day and happy eating!


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