Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Marvel Comic Based Theme Park Set For Middle East

My comments are below. Here's the full article, posted on my birthday, March 20, from

After two years of negotiating, Marvel Entertainment Inc., will be teaming up with Dubai based Al Ahli Group to develop a $1 billion theme park scheduled to open in 2011.

Manhattan based Marvel, best known for comic book figures like Spider Man, The Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk stated that this would be the first destination theme park in the Middle East. Marvel is also holding talks about additional projects in the Middle East.

David Maisel, Chairman of Marvel Studios and a member of the Office of the Chief Executive, Marvel Entertainment, said, "We are launching a long term relationship with the Al Ahli Group to bring the Marvel Universe to Dubai with this exciting new theme park development. Al Ahli Group has both an impressive team of theme park, entertainment and hospitality executives and the financial strength to leverage that expertise into a world-class destination resort experience unparalleled in the region. We are very pleased to be a part of this exciting initiative and look forward to a successful partnership with Mohamed Khammas and the Al Ahli Group."

The project supports Marvel’s push to become a stand-along film studio after paring up with major film studios like 20th Century Fox.

For more information on this story, please see New York Business.

One commenter called the city "Bubai" which sounds like a fun porn-based theme park. Its well worth listening to another commenter who laments the Middle East's reputation, something we do often from here in Israel. And the construction of Dubai is insane... I've got a New Yorker article with incredible photographs of the building boom. Money, tourists... bring it on! And stop off in Israel while you're in the neighborhood. Highlights from the comments on this story's web page:

"Enter a 'WTH?' here." [What The Hell]

"If you think the Middle East is a bunch of terrorists running around with guns, you are wrong. The Middle East contains one of the biggest tourism markets in the world. They build islands in the shape of palm trees and the world, skyscrapers that will rotate 360 degrees, and they are planning on building the largest hotel in the world with 6,500 rooms. "

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At 2:01 PM, Blogger MikeTheMan said...

"If you think the Middle East is a bunch of terrorists running around with guns, you are wrong. ...
That's pretty much only because nobody is trying to blow them up TODAY.
Tomorrow - who knows?

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