Thursday, March 22, 2007

Whose House? Mike's House!

So I saw Miketheman's comment on my previous blog posting, and then found his spiffy new web site, complete with his blog archives and a link to me! Then, serendipitously, I found an article via Slashdot (can be abbreviated as /.) that he and I would find interesting: writes "An editorial in Network Performance Daily tries to take a (1d6) stab at explaining why geeky engineering types are also typically the types that enjoy a rousing game of D&D. From the article: "The greatest barrier to creativity is a lack of boundaries. Counter-intuitive — almost zen-like — but we've found it to be true. This is why people play Dungeons & Dragons (and similar games), and why network engineers often spend time putting out fires when they could be improving the network."
Original editorial here.

Note that Boyko lives in Austin. And a fourth Simpsons movie trailer can be viewed here.

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