Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back to the Future ride... outatime

Sad to see an artifact of one of my favorite franchises depart... but the inescapable force of history marches on. ThrillNetwork.com has the story about shutting down "Back to the Future: The Ride" at Universal Studios Hollywood (California). No word yet on the ride's status at Universal Florida (though I think it will also be closed). BttF:The Ride was an awesome attraction introduced in 1993, featuring a ride-simulator DeLorean in a full-on sensory experience, with a continuation of the film trilogy's storyline. Even waiting on line was fun, as visitors could pass through Doc Brown's lab and see new videos created especially for the ride, with some of the film's actors. The closing of the ride will make way for a new Simpsons-based ride, which may serve as some solace. The Back to the Future series still has massive amounts of fans, including this writer, and there is a related contest now for people to submit BttF fan videos to win prizes, including a 1981 DeLorean (flux capacitor may not be operational)!

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